Out The Back and COVID19;

Our COVID Policy for the 2022 Season is detailed below, to reflect the current position and guidance to ensure our guests have a fabulous experience, whist providing you with as much protection as possible.

Providing a COVID-19 safe environment and a comfortable holiday property has been a challenge. We have always followed the guidance to stop the spread of the disease whilst also trying to prevent Shorebreak switching from being enjoyable, chill-out space to a clinical hospital ward.
We want to be transparent about what we are and are not doing. Thus giving you, the opportunity to make your own risk assessment and decide whether this standard is good enough for you and your family.

We’re also mindful that the situation has changed many times often at short notice.  We advise that you need to take out insurance to cover for such eventualities.
With that in mind, here are the changes we’ll be making. These plans may change over time as new information comes to light, or new legislation is imposed. However, if you’ve already booked with us, I’ll be keeping in regular contact with you.

If you have symptoms of Corona virus infection (COVID-19), however mild, we request that you return home.

What we are doing;

TV: The TV and Remote controls will be cleaned down with anti viral cleaner between every set of guests.
Standard of cleaning: Our cleaning will be to our normal high standard, with the addition of a stringent check list to ensure all touch points and high risk areas are sanitised.
General Household Items: We recognise that it will be impossible to clean every page of every book or every item of every game every week. We did consider removing all non specific items but felt that this would reduce your holiday experience. So we’ve decided to leave all these items in place, giving you the option to touch/use them or not. It’s worth bearing in mind how long Covid-19 can survive on surfaces and at its maximum (which is on plastic), is 72 hours. If you’d like these items removed, we can do so but please let us know in advance, so that we can arrange this for you.
Soft Furnishings: Sofas, Cushions etc – All scientific evidence thus far is that Covid-19 cannot live on fabric for more than a few hours. But, we’ve decided that we’ll be leaving all soft furnishings in situ and changing cushions weekly. Again if you’d like these items removed, we can do so but please let us know in advance, so that we can arrange this for you.
Bedding: Our duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases, bath mats and towels tea towels are professionally cleaned each week and we have at least 2 sets of everything. This means that the set on your beds will have been washed prior and the only person who would have touched it within the previous day would be us. However, as bedding is a really personal thing, here are your options:
• We can make up the bed for you prior to your arrival, as normal.
• You can choose to have the bag of laundry left for you to make up the beds yourselves.
• You can bring your own bedding. We will be able to offer a £10.00 discount if you choose this option. If this is what you’d like to do, please let us know at least a week prior to the start of your holiday.
Hand Washing; We will provide soap and a hand towel in the bathroom.

COVID19 Specific T&C’s;
We at Shorebreak (Out The Back), also have clear Terms and Conditions to protect us all; and we clearly have to adapt these to cover this Pandemic to ensure the safety of all.
We will therefore insist that all guests read and accept our additional new conditions prior to continuing any booking with us. Once you accept these conditions our standard cancellation Policy Conditions will then apply. (These new conditions may also be subject to change as the Pandemic / Government Guidance continues).

  • Do Not attend if any person in your party is ill or shows any symptoms
    • Your Party size / make up, must conform to the current Laws and Guidance.
    • You and all your party must leave Out The Back and return home immediately if anyone in your party becomes ill or develops symptoms.
    • All kitchen utensils, crockery etc. Must be washed in the dishwasher after use during your stay.
    • Out The Back white towels must not be taken off site.
    • Remove all foodstuffs and belongings that your party brought to Out The Back when you leave.
    • Ensure that Out The Back is well ventilated throughout your stay and when you leave.
    • Follow all Government guidelines relevant to your stay and your group.
    • Ensure you have adequate holiday insurance if possible.
    • Whilst we will endeavour to do all we can to make your safe, we at Shorebreak cannot ensure 100% that the property will be COVID Safe, and we accept no liability should any of your party become ill during your stay with us.
    • Shorebreak retain the right to immediately cancel your stay at Shorebreak, should the need arise for whatever reason, or if you break any of our Policy Rules, or any of the Governments Guidance.